What should you consider when hiring a senior photographer?

  1. Experience and Portfolio: Check out the senior photographers who've got some experience snapping senior pics. Look through their past work to see if you dig their style. Pay attention to the poses, locations, and how they edit their shots to see if it vibes with what you want. Pick a few your interested in and schedule a call with them. You want to vibe with them personally too!
  2. Communication and Connection: It's super important to vibe with your photographer. Chat with them first to see if you click. Talk about what you want and see if they're cool with it. You gotta feel comfortable sharing your ideas and your vision. Your photographer shouldn't feel put off by your requests, but rather should welcome them and help you make your vision come to life. Check out my blog on the Gilmore Girls shoot I did! Vision...come to life!
  3. Location and Style: Think about where you wanna take your senior pics and what style you're into. Do you want nature vibes, city vibes, or studio vibes? Find a photographer who's good at what you like and can make it happen. Every pre-booking consult call goes over this stuff and more! I want to be sure that you are getting what you want in your senior photo experience!
  4. Availability and Scheduling: Check if the photographer can do the shoot when you want it. Consider things like school, weather, and other stuff you've got going on. Book your session early to lock in the date you want. Weather is a BIG deal here in Northeastern, Ohio. For instance, if you want fall vibes, be sure to reach out early. Peak fall color only happens for about two weeks in October and those times/days typically fill up FAST! That is prime photo session time for ALL types of sessions!
  5. Packages and Pricing: Look into what the photographer offers and how much it costs. Ask about extras like retouching and prints. Compare prices from different photographers to make sure you're getting a good deal. Don't hesitate to ask for a payment plan, either. Most photographers will work with you on it. The worst thing to see is a client not getting to work with a photographer they want due to pricing. I try to work with each client on their budgeting needs.