A Few tips to help your portrait session go off smoothly....

Obviously, some of these tips would be dependent on the type of portrait session you are having. What do bring to a Family session with a little one would be vastly different than what would be recommended to bring to an engagement or senior session. So with that, let's dive in to some helpful tips and tricks to help your session day go smooth!


No one likes dry lips! They show in pictures like a sore thumb. Cold temps or the hot sun can dry us out! Drinking a lot of water a few days leading up to your session can help with this as well. But best to throw that chap stick or lip-gloss in the bag for quick touch ups and a bit of moisture! (If you've done full makeup, bonus tip...bring the lipstick too for touch-ups!)

Comfy Shoes

Depending on the location of your session, there will likely be a lot of walking. Some locations the walking is even on trails of dirt and/or mud. Having a comfy pair of shoes to put on for walking is SUPER helpful! No one wants to hike in heals!

Hair Brush

Wind can do crazy things to your hair. You probably spent a ton of time and some money to get your hair to look that way. We'll do our best to keep it looking great through your whole session, but we can't control the wind. A Brush will help keep it smooth throughout!

For Engagements...

All of the above apply to you...but one thing I would say for you is to bring your ring all shined up!!! Get it cleaned the day before or day of the session. There WILL BE plenty of ring shots! No one wants the bling to be dull!

For Seniors...

Seniors this is your time to shine! So bring your mom, your bestie, or your sibling...but don't bring the entourage! Bringing one person who'll help pump you up, cheer you on and be of a help to the photographer! Bringing too many people only serves as a distraction for everyone.

For the Littles...

If you are having a family session with little (or even not-so-littles) having a snack and/or favorite treat is a GREAT way to get and keep their attention for the session. While we do everything we an to make it fun and interactive, snack help! (even for the bigger kids)