Things are different... I right? Nothing seems to be the same now as it was when you were there. Senior pictures are no exception. For your pictures, maybe you stood outside your school, threw on your letterman jacket, and maybe one more "dressy" outfit and called it good. That is not the case now! Now its so much more and its so much about celebrating what make the Senior an individual. Seniors can bring props, pups, and anything that makes them smile to their sessions and are encouraged to do so! So what do you need to consider when scheduling your son or daughter's session? Here are a few tips that will go along way in getting things set up for success!

5 Things to Consider...

  1. Yearbook deadlines - Some schools require a professional photo for the yearbook. Some schools provide a photographer and require the seniors to use their photographer for yearbook deadlines. If you are a senior or have a senior in a school that does not provide a yearbook photo for your senior, you will want to look at the deadline. Photographers usually have a two week turnaround time (maybe longer during busy seasons). So be sure to have plenty of time schedule your session and get your photos back to turn in before the deadline!
  2. Keep your Senior's schedule in mind - Involve your Senior in not only the details of the session, but also what time of year is ideal. Maybe fall isn't great because of volleyball practice, games, and work would be tougher to plan around. Spring of your Junior year or Summer before your Senior year could be ideal! You'll want to keep this in mind when scheduling. Also, its a good idea to reach out early to photographers, as their availability is usually pretty tight in the Summer before and the Fall of Senior year. Reaching out early will ensure you are getting a session in the time frame you really want!
  3. Speaking of Schedules - The Whole family has different schedules at different times of the year as well. No one wants to try and book last minute! It adds stress to the parents and the senior if its a quick thing. Senior pictures are meant to be a special time to celebrate the accomplishments of the senior! Schedule early, so you can prepare and communicate with your photographer as things come up! Photographers should be available for questions at ALL STAGES of the process!
  4. Weather - Depending on what part of the country you live in, will depend highly when is the ideal time of the year for outdoor sessions. For instance, here in Ohio Dec - March isn't always ideal. Its usually cold, snowy, and gray. Unless of course, you'd love a snow session! Spring, Summer, and Fall are ideal here in Ohio for outdoor sessions! That being said, those seasons, especially Fall can fill up quickly! Some Photographers are completely booked for fall sessions by May!
  5. Include your Senior - Talk to your student WELL in advance to see what they envision for their senior pictures. When should this conversation start? I would suggest the spring of their JUNIOR YEAR! Yes, that's right! Start the conversation the year before their Senior year. This will allow for you both to have input, for it not to feel rushed, and give you a chance to check into a few photographers before committing!

Following these tips should help smooth the process and allow for plenty of time to plan, book, and shoot your Senior Pictures!

The Good News...

Hopefully this blog has helped in the process. The good news is that once you're fully booked and on the calendar with TraciEileen Photography, I'll be there for you every step of the way! Once booked, you'll also have access to my exclusive Senior Guide, complete with more tips and tricks, outfit inspiration, and more information about your session! And also, NEVER hesitate to reach out with questions!

Class of 2025...

NOW is the time to start thinking about YOUR senior Pictures! Head on over to the Contact Page of the Website and send me an email about what you're looking for! I'll be in touch shortly with more information!